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    Adding vp9_get_filter_kernel() function. · 9ec09700
    Dmitry Kovalev authored
    Moving INTERPOLATIONFILTERTYPE enum and subpix_fn_table struct to
    vp9_filter.h. Adding convenient typedef for subpel kernels.
    Function vp9_setup_interp_filters() besides setting xd->subpix.filter_x &
    xd->subpix.filter_y has a side effect of also setting scale factors. This
    is not required inside decode_modes_b() because scale factors have been
    already set by set_ref() calls. That's why replacing
    vp9_setup_interp_filters() call with newly created vp9_get_filter_kernel()
    call. The behavior of vp9_setup_interp_filters() is unchanged (it
    is used from the encoder).
    Change-Id: I3f36d3f7cd8d15195a6e2fafd1777cdaf9ecb847