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    Best_rd breakout in rd partition search. · 9f427bfe
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    About 15% faster for bus (speed 0) first 50 frames @ 1500kbps, which
    goes from 1min36 to 1min24. Results become slightly better (+0.2% on
    derf/yt, +0.4% on hd), probably because of a bugfix for skipmode in
    super_block_yrd(). Overall speed change (on derfraw300) is roughly
    -13%. This can probably be improved further by caching best_yrd
    between partition searches. Also, we might be able to get more
    speedups by always doing PARTITION_NONE before PARTITIONS_SPLIT, not
    just at the sb8x8 level.
    Change-Id: I83736949ebd5b4a3b400ee688d7661913fefc98b