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    Add joint motion search in comp_inter_inter mode(experiment) · 9f5811c2
    Yunqing Wang authored
    In current code, motion vectors got from single prediction mode are used
    in compound prediction mode directly. These motion vectors may not give
    accurate prediction since they are searched independently. In this patch,
    we took Pascal's suggestion, and did joint motion search in compound
    prediction mode to find better motion vectors in this situation.
    Test results:
    Overall PSNR: 0.570%(derf), 0.918%(stdhd);
    SSIM: 0.572%(derf), 1.009%(stdhd);
    The encoder is a little slower. This can be improved since some c
    code is used in motion search.
    Change-Id: Ib30c9240f6c56c9b070867b4ca89412a76d9f3c6