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    enabled 8x8 intra prediction modes on inter frames · a8fbab86
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit enabled the usage of 8x8 intra prediction modes on inter
    frames. There are a few TODO items related to this: 1)baseline entropy
    need be calibrated; 2)cost of UV need to be done more properly rather
    than using decision only relying on Y; 3)Threshold for allowing picking
    8x8 intra prediction should be lowered to lower than the B_PRED.
    Even with all the TODOs, tests showed consistent gain on derf set ~0.1%
    (PSNR:0.08% and SSIM:0.14%). It is assumed that 8x8 intra prediction
    will help more on large resolution clips, especially with above TODOs
    Change-Id: I398ada49dfc32575cfab962a569c2885111ae3ba