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    Use small transform size in non-rd real-time mode · b04d7668
    Yunqing Wang authored
    In non-rd real-time mode, choosing smaller transform size in
    encoding gives better video quality and good speed gain than
    choosing larger transform size. This patch set tx size search
    method to ALLOW_8X8, which is better than using 4x4 or other
    larger sizes.
    Borg tests on rtc set at speed 6 showed significant gain on quality.
    PSNR gain: 11.034% and SSIM gain: 15.466%.
    The speed gain is 5% - 12% for <720p clips, and 2% - 7% for
    720p clips.
    Change-Id: If4dc74ed2df359346b059f47fb73b4a0193ec548