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    Add a new experiment of REF_ADAPT · b05e5d10
    Zoe Liu authored
    Noticed that some ALTREF_FRAMEs could have used compound modes for its
    prediction but have been labeled as SINGLE_REFERENCE mode in the frame
    header. This experiment is to remove the COMPOUND_REFERENCE mode from
    the frame-level reference mode choices and only leave SINGLE_REFERENCE
    and REFERENCE_MODE_SELECT the two choices in the frame header.
    When turning on both ext-refs and ref-adapt, compared against ext-refs
    itself, a small gain is achieved. In PSNR, the bitrate saving gains are
    as follows:
    lowres: Avg -0.120%; BDRate -0.128%
    midres: Avg -0.155%; BDRate -0.128%
    Change-Id: I2cfff8a6b7eaa65ef863dbdbc4dd086d3b586f8c
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