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    Full range motion search for regular block sizes · b295092b
    Jingning Han authored
    Add a full range motion search for regular block sizes. This runs
    exhaustive search within the given reference area. This commit further
    optimizes the search process by combining 4 points test into one
    pipeline, which gives 30% speed-up as compared to run each individual
    point at a time.
    This full range search serves as a best possible motion search reference.
    When replacing the diamond search with full range search, the speed 0
    runtime of bus CIF at 2000 kbps goes from 153872ms to 623051ms. The
    compression performance compared to speed 0 setting gains 0.585% for
    derf set.
    Change-Id: Ieef1225216b0b86b4ac4872fa7fb9e18bf2eabb3
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