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    Shorten GF/arf interval in hard scenes. · b29c48b0
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This patch accounts in the first pass stats for blocks that
    while not coded as intra, are complex and have an intra error /
    best error ratio below a threshold.
    The modification shortens the GF arf interval for a particular
    class of content that contains a lot of blocks matching the
    above criteria. (In one short problem test sequence the average
    interval dropped from about 14-15 to 10-11)
    The change results in small net gains in metrics results for the
    Yt(~0.2%) and yt-hd (~0.5%) sets and is approximately neutral
    for the other test sets.
    The change is currently shielded by a flag and off by default
    pending verification that it does not cause other regressions
    in tests on a wider YT test set.
    Change-Id: I6b803daa6a4ac09a6f428fb3a18be1ecedd974b7