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    Some further QIndex issues with extended Q · b4ad9b5d
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Resolved or factored out some further issues with Q index.
    Put in a 3rd order polynomial instead of less accurate power function
    as the best fit on gf and kf boost adjustment.
    Added avg_q value to use instead of ni_av_qi.
    Compute segment delta Q values based on avg_q.
    Fixed bug in adjust_maxq_qrange().
    The extended range Q on the derf set, using standard data rates
    (which do not extend high enough to get big benefits) still show
    a shortfall of between 0.5 and 1% though so there would appear to
    be further issues that need to be tracked down.
    Change-Id: Icfd49b9f401906ba487ef1bef7d397048295d959