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    Fix a bug in the DAALA_TX 4-point DST functions. · b634e7ed
    Nathan E. Egge authored
    The OD_FDST_4() and OD_IDST_4() macros were written for use in the
     OD_FDCT_8_ASYM macro which took asymmetrically scaled input and
     after running an asymmetric butterfly step, passed it through to
     the 4-point Type-II DCT and 4-point Type-IV DST.
    Because the DST implementations were never tested as stand alone
     transforms, some of the signs from the butterfly step ended up inside
     the DST macros.
    These extra operations will be addressed in a follow up patch.
    Change-Id: I5ad1dee7b903d3a6dc3d512ae430841244851bc0
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