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    Add static-threshold skipping in non-rd mode · b91b146d
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Added a skipping test in non-rd inter-mode. After interpolation
    prediction step, the residuals are tested to see if they will be
    quantized to 0 based on modeling between spatial domain and
    frequency domain.
    Set static-thresh to 800 for >=720p and 300 for <720p, rtc set
    tests showed
    1. Speed 5, psnr: -0.514%; ssim: -1.748%;
       speedup on related clips: 5% -11%
    2. Speed 6, psbr: -0.628%; ssim: -1.637%;
       speedup on related clips: 4% - 9%
    Change-Id: I62fbf26bc043ecd2b584f255f1a4ee5ab52bfcf3