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    ext_partition_types: Pass the correct CDF length for partitions · b95cf12e
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    Each CDF for partitioning square blocks is initialised from
    an entry of default_partition_cdf in entropymode.c. These CDFs are of
    different lengths, depending on which partition types are supported by
    the block size.
    For example, 8x8 blocks have a CDF with only 4 entries (PARTITION_NONE
    through PARTITION_SPLIT). Blocks of a size that supports 1:4 and 4:1
    partitions have 10 entries. Currently, that's only 32x32 blocks. All
    other blocks have 8 entries.
    Change-Id: Ie2126b6d41afc0efedcc5b5b37fc1d0427b9a9fa