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    Add early termination in transform size search · ba70f160
    Yunqing Wang authored
    In the full-rd transform size search, we go through all transform
    sizes to choose the one with best rd score. In this patch, an
    early termination is added to stop the search once we see that the
    smaller size won't give better rd score than the larger size. Also,
    the search starts from largest transform size, then goes down to
    smallest size.
    A speed feature tx_size_search_breakout is added, which is turned off
    at speed 0, and on for other speeds. The transform size search is
    turned on at speed 1.
    Borg test results:
    1. At speed 1,
       derf set: psnr gain: 0.618%, ssim gain: 0.377%;
       stdhd set: psnr gain: 0.594%, ssim gain: 0.162%;
       No noticeable speed change.
    3. At speed 2,
       derf set: psnr loss: 0.157%, ssim loss: 0.175%;
       stdhd set: psnr loss: 0.090%, ssim loss: 0.101%;
       speed gain: ~4%.
    Change-Id: I22535cd2017b5e54f2a62bb6a38231aea4268b3f