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    Further changes to coefficient contexts. · c17672a3
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This patch alters the balance of context between the
    coefficient bands (reflecting the position of coefficients
    within a transform blocks) and the energy of the previous
    token (or tokens) within a block.
    In this case the number of coefficient bands is reduced
    but more previous token energy bands are supported.
    Some initial rebalancing of the default tables has been
    by running multiple derf clips at multiple data rates using
    the ENTOPY_STATS macro. Further balancing needs to be
    done using larger image formatsd especially in regard to
    the bigger transform sizes which are not as well represented
    in encodings of smaller image formats.
    Change-Id: If9736e95c391e711b04aef6393d26f60f36e1f8a