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    AV1 offline probability optimizer · c8b38b0b
    Yue Chen authored
    This tool is a gadget for offline probability training.
    A binary executable aom_entropy_optimizer will be generated in
    tools/. It parses a binary file consisting of counts written in
    the format of FRAME_COUNTS in entropymode.h, and computes the
    optimized probability table, which will be written to a new c file
    optimized_probs.c using the format in entropymode.c.
    Command line:
    ./aom_entropy_optimizer [directory of the count file]
    The input file can be either be generated from a single run by
    turning on entropy_stats experiment(counts are accumulated from
    frame to frame, and finally written to counts.stt), or be collected
    at a larger scale, at which a python script (will be provided soon)
    can be used to aggregate multiple stats output.
    Optimization for initial CDFs will be also supported later.
    Change-Id: I32070721aa8059439feb6b5a3a179f1001c66bb7