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    aom_dsp: regularize EXT_PARTITION_TYPES handling. · ccfdfce1
    Ralph Giles authored
    aom_dsp_rtcd_defs.pl compares most CONFIG_* keys to "yes"
    to see if they're set. The script was checking just
      if (aom_config("CONFIG_EXT_PARTITION_TYPES"))
    in some cases. The build system doesn't add disabled
    configuration options to libs.mk so this is effectively
    the same, however it means that setting the config
    key explicitly to 0 or "no" in the config headers
    was treated the same as setting it to 1 or "yes",
    and aom_dsp_rtcd.h would have opposite expections
    from aom_config.h or aom_config.asm.
    Treat this key similarly to others for consistency.
    Change-Id: I27bd7a5532ba4afc2bb289b43b57a1b1971c0348