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    highbitdepth + loop restoration: fix build on x86 32 bit · cda0b5e4
    Johann authored
    When the functions were added in
    https://aomedia-review.googlesource.com/6545 they were not restricted to
    x86_64 builds.
    Fixes "undefined reference to
    `aom_highbd_convolve8_add_src_sse2'" for --target=x86-linux-gcc
    Also remove SSE2 specializations from
    `aom_highbd_convolve8_add_src[_horiz/_vert]`, since those functions
    don't actually have SSE2 versions (this was left in by accident
    in the original patch).
    Change-Id: I9f7d0c11b58b6f5a0e6a1fdaed0f92175bdeab34
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