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    [spatial svc]Multiple frame context feature · d4a407c0
    Minghai Shang authored
    We can use one frame context for each layer so that we don't have
    to reset the probs every frame. But we can't use prev_mi since we
    may drop enhancement layers. So we have to generate a non vp9
    compatible bitstream and modify it in the player.
    1. We need to code all frames as invisible frame to let prev_mi
       not to be used. But in the bitstream we need to code the
       show_frame flag to 1 so that the publisher will know it's
       supposed to be a visible frame.
    2. In the player we need to change the show_frame flag to 0 for
       all frames. Then add an one byte frame into the super frame
       to tell the decoder which layer we want to show.
    Change-Id: I75b7304cf31f0ab952f043e33c034495e88f01f3