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    Subpel search cleanups and enhancements · d78dbff0
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    - Some fixes to surface fit.
    - Returns variance function as cost rather than sad in the
      pattern search and diamond search functions. Only
      vp9_pattern_search_sad function used in bigdia search
      uses sad as integer 1-away costs.
    - Deploys SUBPEL_TREE_PRUNED_MORE for speed 4+.
    derf [Speed 3]: About +0.036% in coding efficiency without any
    discernible speed loss.
    derf [Speed 4]: About 2-3% faster at -0.199% loss in coding efficiency.
    derf [Speed 5]: About 3-4% faster at -0.149% loss in coding efficiency.
    Change-Id: I8462f94f6adb46966ca964f2bd0400977357fd63