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    Start to anonymize reference frames · da832a80
    John Koleszar authored
    Remove lst_fb_idx, gld_fb_idx, alt_fb_idx, refresh_last_frame,
    refresh_golden_frame, refresh_alt_ref_frame from common. Gold/Alt are
    encode side conventions. From the decoder's perspective, we want to be
    dealing with numbered references.
    Updates to active_ref 2 signal mode context switches, vestigial from
    refresh_alt_ref_frame. This needs some clean up to make sense with
    increased numbers of reference frames, as well as reimplementing the
    swapping of alt/golden which was previously done using the
    buffer-to-buffer copy mechanism removed in an earlier commit.
    Change-Id: I7334445158b7666f9295d2a2dd22aa03f4485f58