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    New mode_info_context storage · dae17734
    Scott LaVarnway authored
    mode_info_context was stored as a grid of MODE_INFO structs.
    The grid now constists of a pointer to a MODE_INFO struct and
    a "in the image" flag.  The MODE_INFO structs are now stored
    as a stream, eliminating unnecessary copies and is a little
    more cache friendly.
    For the test clips used, the decoder performance improved
    by ~4.3% (1080p) and ~9.7% (720p).
    Patch Set 2: Re-encoded clips with latest. Now ~1.7% (1080p)
    and 5.9% (720p).
    Change-Id: I846f29e88610fce2523ca697a9a9ef2a182e9256