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    Expose av1_loop_restoration_filter_unit in restoration.h · dd6f09ab
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    This patch also does a certain amount of rejigging for loop
    restoration coefficients, grouping the information for a given
    restoration unit into a structure called RestorationUnitInfo. The end
    result is to completely dispense with the RestorationInternal
    The copy_tile functions in restoration.c, together with those
    functions that operate on a single stripe, have been changed so that
    they take pointers to the top-left corner of the area on which they
    should work, together with a width and height.
    The same isn't true of av1_loop_restoration_filter_unit, which still
    takes pointers to the top-left of the tile. This is because you
    actually need the absolute position in the tile in order to do striped
    loop restoration properly.
    Change-Id: I768c182cd15c9b2d6cfabb5ffca697cd2a3ff9e1
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