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    Add horizontal and vertical scan order for 1-D transform · e0413094
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit enables the 1-D transform to use Manhattan grid vertical
    and horizontal scan order for transform coefficient entropy coding.
    Enabled in inter prediction mode, the hybrid 1D/2D transform coding
    scheme outperforms the 2D-DCT based coding system used in VP9 by
    lowres_all  1.7%
    hdres_all   1.4%
    As one coding option, in addition to the existing 17 other transform
    types in ext-tx experiment, the 1D/2D hybrid transform improves
    the coding gains:
    lowres_all  2.2% -> 3.0%
    Change-Id: I9cefa9d9e38224546d0afd67feecd9f8d4a16ab0
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