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    Adjust ARF min and max interval. · e0786c28
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Previously limit on max interval  set to 0.5 seconds.
    Though this helped some low frame rate material it
    appears to be a bit too aggressive for some 24 and 25 fps
    content. This patch relaxes the limit to 0.75 seconds.
    The patch also adds a new minimum interval variable
    to replace the current hard wired value. This allows us
    to impose a limit on the maximum number of primary
    arfs per second for high frame rate (e.g. 50 & 60fps)
    content. This is to address concerns regarding playback
    performance on some platforms if there is a high base
    frame rate and very frequent arfs.
    Change-Id: I373e8b6b2a8ef522eced6c6d2cceb234ff763fcf