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    CQ Mode · e0846c9c
    Paul Wilkins authored
    The merge includes hooks to for CQ mode and other code
    changes merged from the test branch.
    CQ mode attempts to maintain a more stable quantizer within a clip
    whilst also trying to adhere to a guidline maximum bitrate.
    The existing target data rate parameter is used to specify the
    guideline maximum bitrate.
    A new parameter allows the user to specify a target CQ level.
    For normal (non kf/gf/arf) frames, the quantizer will not drop BELOW the
    user specified value (0-63). However, in some cases the encoder may
    choose to impose a target CQ that is above that specified by the user,
    if it estimates that consistent use of the target value is not compatible
    with guideline maximum bitrate.
    Change-Id: I2221f9eecae8cc3c431d36caf83503941b25e4c1