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    cdef-dist and daala-dist is runtime switchable · e30a47ca
    Yushin Cho authored
    Use --tune=[cdef-dist|daala-dist] to enable them.
    Also, this commit set the use_activity_masking of PVQ as 0 by deafult,
    which means that PVQ assumes daala-dist is not used by default.
    Since we're currently not signaling which metric the encoder did use
    in the bitstream, the compile flag AV1_PVQ_ENABLE_ACTIVITY_MASKING will tell PVQ
    whether daala-dist is used or not.
    This commit is the last part of prep-work to remove DIST_8X8, CDEF_DIST,
    and DAALA_DIST experimental flags.
    Change-Id: Ia465b4d6fe64aac7f04852c8f9f4bac3409d2435
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