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    Allow update of golden refernce buffer in CBR mode · e5cd5188
    Yaowu Xu authored
    This commit changes to allow the usage of golden reference frame in
    VP9 CBR mode to improve quality. VP9 supports potentially up to 8
    reference buffers, it has reference buffers available for this
    purpose. This was not possible in VP8 as golden and alt-ref buffers
    were used for temporal scalability purpose in CBR mode in WebRTC.
    For frames that update golden frame, there can be a quality boost.
    The amount of allowed bitrate boost can be controlled via parameter
    rc_max_inter_bitrate_pct. The inital value of the boost ratior is
    currently based on over_shoot_pct. Further experiments will work
    out the adaption of this boost value.
    Change-Id: I0c5f010c8fd8b7b598f69779c1b30e5b2ac30a4d