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    update vp9_thread.[hc] · e656f44c
    James Zern authored
    pull the latest from WebP, which adds a worker interface abstraction
    allowing an application to override init/reset/sync/launch/execute/end
    this has the side effect of removing a harmless, but annoying, TSan
    Original source:
      100644 blob 08ad4e1fecba302bf1247645e84a7d2779956bc3 src/utils/thread.c
      100644 blob 7bd451b124ae3b81596abfbcc823e3cb129d3a38 src/utils/thread.h
    Local modifications:
     - s/WebP/VP9/g
     - camelcase functions -> lower with _'s
     - associate '*' with the variable, not the type
    Change-Id: I875ac5a74ed873cbcb19a3a100b5e0ca6fcd9aed
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