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    Select filter level for U, V planes · e94df5cf
    Cheng Chen authored
    Previously, U, V planes share the same filter level with Y.
    Here, we search and pick the best filter level for U, V planes.
    Selected filter levels are transmitted per frame.
    This works with parallel_deblocking.
    Coding gain on Google test set:
    		Avg_psnr	ovr_psnr	ssim
    lowres: 	-0.116		-0.120		-0.339
    midres:		-0.218		-0.228		-0.338
    hdres:		-0.260		-0.264		-0.365
    Change-Id: I03d2ac47539f3eea9f3c4b08007bd6d3f4b73572