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    Coding con-zero count rather than EOB for coeffs · eb6ef241
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    This patch revamps the entropy coding of coefficients to code first
    a non-zero count per coded block and correspondingly remove the EOB
    token from the token set.
    Main encode/decode code achieving encode/decode sync - done.
    Forward and backward probability updates to the nzcs - done.
    Rd costing updates for nzcs - done.
    Note: The dynamic progrmaming apporach used in trellis quantization
    is not exactly compatible with nzcs. A suboptimal approach has been
    used instead where branch costs are updated to account for changes
    in the nzcs.
    Training the default probs/counts for nzcs
    Change-Id: I951bc1e22f47885077a7453a09b0493daa77883d