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    Removed firstpass motion map · ed40ff9e
    Adrian Grange authored
    The firstpass motion map consists of an 8-bit flag for
    each MB indicating how strongly the firstpass code
    believes it should be filtered during the second pass
    ARNR filtering.
    For long or large format material the motion map can
    become extremely large and hamper the operation of
    the encoding process.
    This change removes the motion map altogether, leaving
    the second pass to rely on the magnitude of the motion
    compensated error to determine the filter weight to
    use for the MB during ARNR filtering.
    Tests on the derf set indicate that the effect of this
    change is neutral, with some small wins and losses. The
    motion map has therefore been removed based on
    a cost/benefit evaluation.
    Change-Id: I53e07d236f5ce09a6f0c54e7c4ffbb490fb870f6
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