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    Remove usage of predict buffer for decode · ed9c66f5
    Scott LaVarnway authored
    Instead of using the predict buffer, the decoder now writes
    the predictor into the recon buffer.  For blocks with eob=0,
    unnecessary idcts can be eliminated.  This gave a performance
    boost of ~1.8% for the HD clips used.
    Tero: Added needed changes to ARM side and scheduled some
          assembly code to prevent interlocks.
    Patch Set 6:  Merged (I1bcdca7a95aacc3a181b9faa6b10e3a71ee24df3)
    into this commit because of similarities in the idct
    Patch Set 7: EC bug fix.
    Change-Id: Ie31d90b5d3522e1108163f2ac491e455e3f955e6
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