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    vp9_ethread: modify VP9_COMP structure · edbd61e1
    Yunqing Wang authored
    This patch modified struct VP9_COMP. Created a struct ThreadData
    to include data that need to be copied for each thread. In
    multiple thread case, one thread processes one tile. all threads
    share one copy of VP9_COMP,
    (refer to VP9_COMP *cpi in the code)
    but each thread has its own copy of ThreadData,
    (refer to ThreadData *td in the code).
    Therefore, within the scope of encode_tiles(), both cpi and td
    need to be passed as function parameters.
    In single thread case, the FRAME_COUNTS pointer in ThreadData
    points to "counts" in VP9_COMMON.
    Change-Id: Ib37908b2d8e2c0f4f9c18f38017df5ce60e8b13e