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    Add --enable-shared option to iosbuild.sh to build dynamic framework · 992e4b70
    Brion Vibber (WMF) authored
    Also allows use of --enable-shared when configuring for Mac OS X,
    producing a bare .dylib.
    Enabling the shared framework bumps the iOS deployment target to 8.0,
    the minimum required to support dynamic framework deployment in apps.
    When not using --enable-shared, a static library for iOS 6.0+ will still
    be built.
    Minimum version settings have been moved into ios-version.sh so they
    can be updated in a single place.
    As with the static build, unless header search paths are manually
    tweaked, users must add a VPX prefix on includes, such as:
      #include <VPX/vpx/vpx_decoder.h>
    A module map for headers is not yet included as inttypes.h is not
    modular; this means that VPX cannot be used directly in Swift code,
    but can still be pulled in through an Objective-C wrapper.
    Change-Id: I28fb06ce65e48ed167a88c14a7bfb2861989317e