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    Modified no memory rate control. · eec3def7
    Paul Wilkins authored
    This 2-pass rate control setting allocates bits based
    on first pass stats to each kf group, gf group and individual
    frame but does not correct the bits left and allocation after
    each frame.
    In other words it recommends a bit allocation for each frame
    but does not try and correct any over or under spend on a
    frame over the remainder of the clip. This reduces the accuracy
    of rate control in terms of hitting an average bitrate but prevents
    problems that may arise because early frames either use to many
    or too few bits. This mode is currently more inclined to undershoot
    than overshoot (particularly at higher data rates).
    Also minor changes to rate of adaption when recode loop is not
    This mode is currently enabled by default for VBR.
    It gives the following % performance gains.
    derf +0.467, +1.072
    yt 2.962, 2.645
    stdhd 1.682, 1.595,
    yt-hd 2.3, 2.174
    Change-Id: I3c84a9bf8884e5b345698ff0e19187f792c2f3a0