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    Fix bottom ref condition for intra prediction in cb4x4 · f0179c3c
    Jingning Han authored
    Resolve a rare enc/dec mismatch issue triggered by the 4x4 chroma
    block size in sub8x8 block coding.
    To avoid using 2x2 chroma block size, it always uses the top-left
    4x4 luma block coding information to predict the 4x4 chroma block.
    The rest 3 4x4 luma blocks will be coded independently without
    coding the collocated chroma blocks.
    The compression performance gains are 1.45% for lowres set (down
    from 2.4% of the original cb4x4 design).
    Change-Id: Iff560fcab172ed4219434d5174c4d8dfbbb04135