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    Modified Aq1 and Aq2 · f30b3231
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Aq 1 only updates segment map on kf and arf and
    only uses 3 segments. With these settings AQ1 is
    + for most clips in SSIM but negative in psnr.
    However, the penalty in PSNR is much less than
    Old version aq1 average results for std hd
    -20.899% psnr, -5.809% SSIM
    New version aq1 for std hd
    -3.57% psnr, +1.23% SSIM
    Aq2 Now uses only 2 segments and rd.
    This mode is still slightly negative for most clips on
    psnr and SSIM but seems to have a much bigger visual
    impact on several problem clips than aq mode 1.
    Old results for std hd:
    -2.578% psnr, -1.151% SSIM
    New results for std hd:
    -1.561% psnr, -0.85% SSIM
    Change-Id: I94f57f8a73121629ce598fb921aad761c1450e1c
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