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    Add decoder support to ext_skip · f704a1c8
    Zoe Liu authored
    At the frame header level, add the checking on whether an inter-coded
    frame allows the use of 'skip_mode'. At the block level, add the
    decoding of 'skip_mode' for all the blocks if 'skip_mode' is allowed
    for the current frame. If 'skip_mode' is set, no further bit needs to
    read out, and the block is set as:
    - Inter-coded in compound mode;
    - With the nearest forward and backward reference frames;
    - In SIMPLE_TRANSLATION motion mode;
    - In COMPOUND_AVERAGE compound type; and
    - Skip set for residual.
    Change-Id: I50297f63a81135109332c4a51b516bffd7726777