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    Adjust active maxq for GF groups. · fd070220
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Currently disabled by default: enabled using
    In this patch the active max Q is adjusted for each GF
    group based on the vbr bit allocation and raw first pass
    group error.
    This will tend to give a lower q for easy sections
    and a higher value for very hard sections. As such it is
    expected to improve quality in some of the easier
    sections where quality issues have been reported.
    This change tends to hurt overall psnr but help
    average psnr. SSIM also shows a small gain.
    Average results for derf, yt, std-hd and yt-hd test sets were
    as follows (%change for average psnr, overal psnr and ssim):-
    derf +0.291, - 0.252, -0.021
    yt +6.466, -1.436, +0.552
    std-hd +0.490, +0.014, +0.380
    yt-hd +5.565, - 1.573, +0.099
    Change-Id: Icc015499cebbf2a45054a05e8e31f3dfb43f944a