Commit 0ced7014 authored by Fritz Koenig's avatar Fritz Koenig Committed by Code Review
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Merge "vp8 fast quantizer sse2 optimizations for eob."

parents cb969895 e0cf330c
......@@ -36,6 +36,14 @@ DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, const int, vp8_default_zig_zag1d[16]) =
7, 11, 14, 15,
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, const short, vp8_default_inv_zig_zag[16]) =
1, 2, 6, 7,
3, 5, 8, 13,
4, 9, 12, 14,
10, 11, 15, 16
DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, short, vp8_default_zig_zag_mask[16]);
const int vp8_mb_feature_data_bits[MB_LVL_MAX] = {7, 6};
......@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@ struct VP8Common;
void vp8_default_coef_probs(struct VP8Common *);
extern DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, const int, vp8_default_zig_zag1d[16]);
extern DECLARE_ALIGNED(16, const short, vp8_default_inv_zig_zag[16]);
extern short vp8_default_zig_zag_mask[16];
extern const int vp8_mb_feature_data_bits[MB_LVL_MAX];
......@@ -253,10 +253,9 @@ rq_zigzag_1c:
pop rbp
;int vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2(short *coeff_ptr,
; short *qcoeff_ptr,short *dequant_ptr,
; short *scan_mask, short *round_ptr,
; short *inv_scan_order, short *round_ptr,
; short *quant_ptr, short *dqcoeff_ptr);
global sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2)
......@@ -265,32 +264,18 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2):
push rsi
push rdi
push rbx
; end prolog
%define save_xmm6 0
%define save_xmm7 16
%define vp8_fastquantizeb_stack_size save_xmm7 + 16
sub rsp, vp8_fastquantizeb_stack_size
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rsp + save_xmm6], xmm6
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rsp + save_xmm7], xmm7
mov rdx, arg(0) ;coeff_ptr
mov rcx, arg(2) ;dequant_ptr
mov rax, arg(3) ;scan_mask
mov rdi, arg(4) ;round_ptr
mov rsi, arg(5) ;quant_ptr
movdqa xmm0, XMMWORD PTR[rdx]
movdqa xmm4, XMMWORD PTR[rdx + 16]
movdqa xmm6, XMMWORD PTR[rdi] ;round lo
movdqa xmm7, XMMWORD PTR[rdi + 16] ;round hi
movdqa xmm2, XMMWORD PTR[rdi] ;round lo
movdqa xmm3, XMMWORD PTR[rdi + 16] ;round hi
movdqa xmm1, xmm0
movdqa xmm5, xmm4
......@@ -303,8 +288,8 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2):
psubw xmm1, xmm0 ;x = abs(z)
psubw xmm5, xmm4 ;x = abs(z)
paddw xmm1, xmm6
paddw xmm5, xmm7
paddw xmm1, xmm2
paddw xmm5, xmm3
pmulhw xmm1, XMMWORD PTR[rsi]
pmulhw xmm5, XMMWORD PTR[rsi + 16]
......@@ -312,8 +297,8 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2):
mov rdi, arg(1) ;qcoeff_ptr
mov rsi, arg(6) ;dqcoeff_ptr
movdqa xmm6, XMMWORD PTR[rcx]
movdqa xmm7, XMMWORD PTR[rcx + 16]
movdqa xmm2, XMMWORD PTR[rcx]
movdqa xmm3, XMMWORD PTR[rcx + 16]
pxor xmm1, xmm0
pxor xmm5, xmm4
......@@ -323,64 +308,47 @@ sym(vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2):
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rdi], xmm1
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rdi + 16], xmm5
pmullw xmm6, xmm1
pmullw xmm7, xmm5
pmullw xmm2, xmm1
pmullw xmm3, xmm5
movdqa xmm2, XMMWORD PTR[rax]
movdqa xmm3, XMMWORD PTR[rax+16];
mov rdi, arg(3) ;inv_scan_order
pxor xmm4, xmm4 ;clear all bits
; Start with 16
pxor xmm4, xmm4 ;clear all bits
pcmpeqw xmm1, xmm4
pcmpeqw xmm5, xmm4
pcmpeqw xmm4, xmm4 ;set all bits
pcmpeqw xmm4, xmm4 ;set all bits
pxor xmm1, xmm4
pxor xmm5, xmm4
psrlw xmm1, 15
psrlw xmm5, 15
pmaddwd xmm1, xmm2
pmaddwd xmm5, xmm3
movq xmm2, xmm1
movq xmm3, xmm5
psrldq xmm1, 8
psrldq xmm5, 8
pand xmm1, XMMWORD PTR[rdi]
pand xmm5, XMMWORD PTR[rdi+16]
paddd xmm1, xmm5
paddd xmm2, xmm3
pmaxsw xmm1, xmm5
paddd xmm1, xmm2
movq xmm5, xmm1
; now down to 8
pshufd xmm5, xmm1, 00001110b
psrldq xmm1, 4
paddd xmm5, xmm1
pmaxsw xmm1, xmm5
movq rcx, xmm5
and rcx, 0xffff
; only 4 left
pshuflw xmm5, xmm1, 00001110b
xor rdx, rdx
sub rdx, rcx
pmaxsw xmm1, xmm5
bsr rax, rcx
inc rax
; okay, just 2!
pshuflw xmm5, xmm1, 00000001b
sar rdx, 31
and rax, rdx
pmaxsw xmm1, xmm5
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rsi], xmm6 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rsi + 16], xmm7 ;store dqcoeff
movd rax, xmm1
and rax, 0xff
movdqa xmm6, XMMWORD PTR[rsp + save_xmm6]
movdqa xmm7, XMMWORD PTR[rsp + save_xmm7]
add rsp, vp8_fastquantizeb_stack_size
pop rsp
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rsi], xmm2 ;store dqcoeff
movdqa XMMWORD PTR[rsi + 16], xmm3 ;store dqcoeff
; begin epilog
pop rbx
pop rdi
pop rsi
......@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@ void vp8_subtract_b_mmx(BLOCK *be, BLOCKD *bd, int pitch)
int vp8_fast_quantize_b_impl_sse2(short *coeff_ptr,
short *qcoeff_ptr, short *dequant_ptr,
short *scan_mask, short *round_ptr,
const short *inv_scan_order, short *round_ptr,
short *quant_ptr, short *dqcoeff_ptr);
void vp8_fast_quantize_b_sse2(BLOCK *b, BLOCKD *d)
......@@ -99,8 +99,7 @@ void vp8_fast_quantize_b_sse2(BLOCK *b, BLOCKD *d)
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