Commit 15c29afe authored by Jeff Faust's avatar Jeff Faust
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Simplify an assignment statement

Separated a double assignment that looked suspiciously like an
assignment and equality typo.

Change-Id: I7813979e9d7ea2539afb3c8ae6074f9df5ebdf52
parent e479379a
......@@ -4706,8 +4706,8 @@ int vp8_get_compressed_data(VP8_COMP *cpi, unsigned int *frame_flags, unsigned l
if (cpi->source)
cpi->un_scaled_source =
cpi->Source = force_src_buffer ? force_src_buffer : &cpi->source->img;
cpi->un_scaled_source = cpi->Source;
*time_stamp = cpi->source->ts_start;
*time_end = cpi->source->ts_end;
*frame_flags = cpi->source->flags;
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