Commit 237718dc authored by Deb Mukherjee's avatar Deb Mukherjee
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Turning off interpolation filter selection

Turning off the interpolation filter selection based on edge
proportion. This heuristics has not been working as well as
expected and I have started a more rigorous investigation into
this. We can turn this off for now since it is unnecessarily
slowing things down.


Change-Id: Ic5958b2b3a35ec2d8eb73b6d81617ca8fbe07e74
parent 636b2f38
......@@ -3022,7 +3022,7 @@ static void encode_frame_to_data_rate
if (cm->frame_type != KEY_FRAME)
double e = compute_edge_pixel_proportion(cpi->Source);
double e = 0; //compute_edge_pixel_proportion(cpi->Source);
/* TODO: Decide this more intelligently */
xd->allow_high_precision_mv = (Q < HIGH_PRECISION_MV_QTHRESH);
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