Commit 28deb544 authored by Cheng Chen's avatar Cheng Chen

Remove duplicate code in #if branch

Since 3ab24050, contents in #if #else branch are identical.

Change-Id: I763ea765f5b2a69625894a5c611db2c1987e4ccb
parent c1018adb
......@@ -1536,13 +1536,8 @@ static void update_stats(const AV1_COMMON *const cm, ThreadData *td, int mi_row,
int supertx_enabled
) {
MACROBLOCK *x = &td->mb;
MACROBLOCKD *const xd = &x->e_mbd;
MACROBLOCK *x = &td->mb;
MACROBLOCKD *const xd = &x->e_mbd;
const MODE_INFO *const mi = xd->mi[0];
const MB_MODE_INFO *const mbmi = &mi->mbmi;
const MB_MODE_INFO_EXT *const mbmi_ext = x->mbmi_ext;
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