Commit 2a233dd3 authored by Martin Storsjö's avatar Martin Storsjö
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thumb: Extend the regexp for handling negative register indexing

Now the same regexp that previously handled cases such as
"ldr r1, [r2, -r3]" also can handle the first operand being omitted
as in "pld [r2, -r3]".

This fixes building vp9_convolve8*neon.asm in thumb mode (and thus,
for Windows Phone as well).

Change-Id: I20c1c3f2bfb2587fb5fa523b863972a7fe30d8ff
parent 1600707d
......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ sub FixThumbInstructions($$)
# this is used, it's used for two subsequent load instructions,
# where a hand-written version of it could merge two subsequent
# add and sub instructions.
s/^(\s*)((ldr|str)(ne)?)(\s+)(r\d+),\s*\[(\w+), -([^\]]+)\]/$1sub$4$5$7, $7, $8\n$1$2$5$6, [$7]\n$1add$4$5$7, $7, $8/g;
s/^(\s*)((ldr|str|pld)(ne)?)(\s+)(r\d+,)?\s*\[(\w+), -([^\]]+)\]/$1sub$4$5$7, $7, $8\n$1$2$5$6\[$7\]\n$1add$4$5$7, $7, $8/g;
# Convert register post indexing to a separate add instruction.
# This converts "ldrneb r9, [r0], r2" into "ldrneb r9, [r0]",
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