Commit 33cefd6f authored by Fritz Koenig's avatar Fritz Koenig
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Use consistent delimiters.

opsnr.stt file was using \t for delimiters on everything
except between VPXSSIM and Time.

Change-Id: I6284c4e40c05ff642bf4b0170dca062c279a42df
parent 538f1104
......@@ -2182,7 +2182,7 @@ void vp8_remove_compressor(VP8_PTR *ptr)
double total_ssim = 100 * pow(cpi->summed_quality / cpi->summed_weights, 8.0);
fprintf(f, "Bitrate\tAVGPsnr\tGLBPsnr\tAVPsnrP\tGLPsnrP\tVPXSSIM\t Time(us)\n");
fprintf(f, "%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f %8.0f\n",
fprintf(f, "%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%7.3f\t%8.0f\n",
dr, cpi->total / cpi->count, total_psnr, cpi->totalp / cpi->count, total_psnr2, total_ssim,
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