Commit 35731dca authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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Fix a compiler warning

Change-Id: Ib096998906935e58f52393ea9ac082f69ada7023
parent 67e64cbe
......@@ -1767,13 +1767,11 @@ static void test_decode(struct stream_state *stream,
enum TestDecodeFatality fatal,
const VpxInterface *codec) {
vpx_image_t enc_img, dec_img;
struct vp9_ref_frame ref_enc, ref_dec;
if (stream->mismatch_seen)
/* Get the internal reference frame */
struct vp9_ref_frame ref_enc, ref_dec;
ref_enc.idx = 0;
ref_dec.idx = 0;
vpx_codec_control(&stream->encoder, VP9_GET_REFERENCE, &ref_enc);
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