Commit 417b8529 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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Align internal mfqe framebuffer dimensions

MFQE postproc crashed with stream dimensions not a multiple of 16.
The buffer was memset unconditionally, so if the buffer allocation
fails we end up trying to write to NULL.

This patch traps an allocation failure with vpx_internal_error(),
and aligns the buffer dimensions to what vp8_yv12_alloc_frame_buffer()

Change-Id: I3915d597cd66886a24f4ef39752751ebe6425066
parent 45f4b87e
......@@ -930,10 +930,16 @@ int vp8_post_proc_frame(VP8_COMMON *oci, YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *dest, vp8_ppflags_t
if ((flags & VP8D_DEBLOCK) || (flags & VP8D_DEMACROBLOCK))
if (vp8_yv12_alloc_frame_buffer(&oci->post_proc_buffer_int, oci->Width, oci->Height, VP8BORDERINPIXELS) >= 0)
oci->post_proc_buffer_int_used = 1;
int width = (oci->Width + 15) & ~15;
int height = (oci->Height + 15) & ~15;
if (vp8_yv12_alloc_frame_buffer(&oci->post_proc_buffer_int,
width, height, VP8BORDERINPIXELS))
vpx_internal_error(&oci->error, VPX_CODEC_MEM_ERROR,
"Failed to allocate MFQE framebuffer");
oci->post_proc_buffer_int_used = 1;
// insure that postproc is set to all 0's so that post proc
// doesn't pull random data in from edge
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