Commit 5baa416b authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "vp9: remove frames_{since,till}.. from MACROBLOCKD"

parents 70fe2b3e dc1d2331
......@@ -258,9 +258,6 @@ typedef struct macroblockd {
int mb_to_top_edge;
int mb_to_bottom_edge;
unsigned int frames_since_golden;
unsigned int frames_till_alt_ref_frame;
int lossless;
/* Inverse transform function pointers. */
void (*inv_txm4x4_1_add)(int16_t *input, uint8_t *dest, int stride);
......@@ -1705,9 +1705,6 @@ static void init_encode_frame_mb_context(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
xd->mode_info_stride = cm->mode_info_stride;
xd->frame_type = cm->frame_type;
xd->frames_since_golden = cm->frames_since_golden;
xd->frames_till_alt_ref_frame = cm->frames_till_alt_ref_frame;
// reset intra mode contexts
if (cm->frame_type == KEY_FRAME)
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