Commit 66533b1a authored by Tero Rintaluoma's avatar Tero Rintaluoma
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Fix make clean for asm offset files

Automatically created assembly offset files added to CLEAN-OBJS list
for proper cleanup. This will fix following build error:
1) Build for the workstation
make clean
2) Build for ARM platform
./configure --target=armv7-linux-gcc
make ==> this will fail because it uses old asm_*_offset.asm files

Change-Id: Id5275c470390ca81b8db086a15ad75af39b80703
parent f3ba4c6b
......@@ -262,14 +262,17 @@ ifeq ($(filter icc gcc,$(TGT_CC)), $(TGT_CC))
asm_com_offsets.asm: $(VP8_PREFIX)common/asm_com_offsets.c.S
grep EQU $< | tr -d '$$\#' $(ADS2GAS) > $@
$(VP8_PREFIX)common/asm_com_offsets.c.S: vp8/common/asm_com_offsets.c
CLEAN-OBJS += asm_com_offsets.asm $(VP8_PREFIX)common/asm_com_offsets.c.S
asm_enc_offsets.asm: $(VP8_PREFIX)encoder/asm_enc_offsets.c.S
grep EQU $< | tr -d '$$\#' $(ADS2GAS) > $@
$(VP8_PREFIX)encoder/asm_enc_offsets.c.S: vp8/encoder/asm_enc_offsets.c
CLEAN-OBJS += asm_enc_offsets.asm $(VP8_PREFIX)encoder/asm_enc_offsets.c.S
asm_dec_offsets.asm: $(VP8_PREFIX)decoder/asm_dec_offsets.c.S
grep EQU $< | tr -d '$$\#' $(ADS2GAS) > $@
$(VP8_PREFIX)decoder/asm_dec_offsets.c.S: vp8/decoder/asm_dec_offsets.c
CLEAN-OBJS += asm_dec_offsets.asm $(VP8_PREFIX)decoder/asm_dec_offsets.c.S
ifeq ($(filter rvct,$(TGT_CC)), $(TGT_CC))
asm_com_offsets.asm: obj_int_extract
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