Commit 68d6a507 authored by Yi Luo's avatar Yi Luo
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Fixed a computation bug in fdct16_sse2()

fdct16_sse2() was not bit-exact with C reference, fdct16().
The inconsistency was found by writing a unit test for
vp10_fht16x16_sse2().  Since the unit test needs a pending
change on the inherited base class.  I will commit this unit
test after making a header file for this base class.
Passed the uncommitted unit test:

Change-Id: If2b617883c633a3ea90c19e1d018240c8007102b
parent 0353f596
......@@ -1635,7 +1635,7 @@ static void fdct16_8col(__m128i *in) {
const __m128i k__cospi_p16_m16 = pair_set_epi16(cospi_16_64, -cospi_16_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_m16_p16 = pair_set_epi16(-cospi_16_64, cospi_16_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_p24_p08 = pair_set_epi16(cospi_24_64, cospi_8_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_p08_m24 = pair_set_epi16(cospi_8_64, -cospi_24_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_m24_m08 = pair_set_epi16(-cospi_24_64, -cospi_8_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_m08_p24 = pair_set_epi16(-cospi_8_64, cospi_24_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_p28_p04 = pair_set_epi16(cospi_28_64, cospi_4_64);
const __m128i k__cospi_m04_p28 = pair_set_epi16(-cospi_4_64, cospi_28_64);
......@@ -1839,10 +1839,10 @@ static void fdct16_8col(__m128i *in) {
v[0] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[0], k__cospi_m08_p24);
v[1] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[1], k__cospi_m08_p24);
v[2] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[2], k__cospi_p24_p08);
v[3] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[3], k__cospi_p24_p08);
v[4] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[2], k__cospi_p08_m24);
v[5] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[3], k__cospi_p08_m24);
v[2] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[2], k__cospi_m24_m08);
v[3] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[3], k__cospi_m24_m08);
v[4] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[2], k__cospi_m08_p24);
v[5] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[3], k__cospi_m08_p24);
v[6] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[0], k__cospi_p24_p08);
v[7] = _mm_madd_epi16(u[1], k__cospi_p24_p08);
......@@ -1872,10 +1872,10 @@ static void fdct16_8col(__m128i *in) {
// stage 5
s[0] = _mm_add_epi16(p[0], t[1]);
s[1] = _mm_sub_epi16(p[0], t[1]);
s[2] = _mm_add_epi16(p[3], t[2]);
s[3] = _mm_sub_epi16(p[3], t[2]);
s[4] = _mm_sub_epi16(p[4], t[5]);
s[5] = _mm_add_epi16(p[4], t[5]);
s[2] = _mm_sub_epi16(p[3], t[2]);
s[3] = _mm_add_epi16(p[3], t[2]);
s[4] = _mm_add_epi16(p[4], t[5]);
s[5] = _mm_sub_epi16(p[4], t[5]);
s[6] = _mm_sub_epi16(p[7], t[6]);
s[7] = _mm_add_epi16(p[7], t[6]);
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